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The Real Christmas Story

I think way too many times we look at the Christmas story and it’s just way too squeaky clean. There are so many songs that have been written about the birth of Christ, and they sound serene, angelic like everything was so perfect. I wonder if it was always told as we know it. I think we get most of the facts straight, but the truth was that before our very eyes, lost in the basic facts about this story are two people – two human beings – caught in the same chapter of God stepping in to human history. And it just wasn’t that easy.

Click here to read Luke 1:59-56, So Mary has this incredible, life-changing experience and there’s someone that she really has to share this with…Her fiancĂ©. And I figure Mary thought about this situation in one of two ways: she was pretty idealistic meaning, if God was doing this miraculous thing then Joseph is going to be just as excited as I am that God chose us! After all, it is the Savior – the Messiah that we’ve heard about our whole lives.

Or the o…