29 September 2012

I am Iron Man

Depending on your age, when you read the title of this devotional, one of two things probably went through your mind:

1. You just heard Tony Iommi’s heavy grunge guitar riff and Ozzy Ozbourne’s vocals from the Black Sabbath classic titled “Iron man” or…
2. You just envisioned Tony Stark suit up in his Iron Man armor.

I have been anxiously waiting for the release of The Avengers on blu-ray (which finally was released this week) and Iron Man 3 which, hopefully, will be released on the big screen in the near future. So I’ve been watching over and over again Iron Man parts one and two. I can’t help it and I admit it, I want an Iron man suit. What guy wouldn’t want the suit or to be Iron Man? Think about it- he’s smart, has unlimited money, is a natural ladies’ man, and fights injustice. 

Bringing the superheroes to life on the big screen with almost believable technology and current world events makes me want to fight crime.  It also fires me up for spiritual warfare. 

My favorite scene of the first movie is at the very end. Tony Stark has finally embraced his identity and proudly proclaims it to the world, “I am Iron Man.” No longer does he have to hide behind the mask like the majority of all other comic book characters. He outs himself, giving the world his unspoken commitment to fight evil on their behalf.

The scene that I enjoy the most from Iron Man 2 is when Tony Stark is fighting a seemingly-unending army of robot villains alongside his friend James Rhodes, a military officer who dons his own Iron man suit named ‘War Machine. 

They’re holding their own for a while, but small arms and shoulder-mounted rockets just aren’t cutting it. As the odds are beginning to look more and more grim, Tony turns to James and says, “GET DOWN!” He then powers-up one last time in an effort to destroy the enemy. Iron Man unleashes some sort of red beam that literally cuts through the drones like butter. After a brief surveying of the damage, War Machine simply looks at Stark and says, “You should have opened with that.”

How often do we engage the enemy ill-prepared, relying on our own strength and knowledge? God has given us authority over the “… spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph. 6:12), yet we forget to use the weapons of our warfare.

The armor of God found in Ephesians 6, more impressive than any Iron Man suit- in my opinion, is at our disposal. It’s always powered up to 11 (max power plus), and ready to red beam the demonic forces into oblivion at the mere mention of Jesus and the power of His blood.

Stand firm and say to the world “I am a Christian man.”  Be ready to back it up with action and sacrifice. Before you head back into the world of air sirens and rocket blasts that may disorient you, …put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the Devil. (Eph 6:11).  

If Christ is the leader of all believing troops, then, spiritually speaking, we’re merely followers- all in the same platoon. It’s a pleasure going into battle with you, Gentlemen!

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