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No Christians Allowed

In the 1950’s, the term Christian was viewed in a positive way.  Today, people’s thoughts on Christianity vary more widely between positive to very negative.  Some just say they’re “neutral.”  Rewind the clock a couple of thousand years, and you are going to find that the very first time the phrase Christian was used, it was used in a negative sense.

The term Christian was used initially during the First Century in Antioch by pagans, who were making fun of those who were Christ followers.  They coined the term Christianos, which means Christ ones, little Christs, or mini-me.

It is easy for the world to view today’s Christians as that group of folks who seem to be against everything. If I were asked, “What are Christians most against?” I would probably answer, “Other Christians.”

What group fights more among themselves than those who are Christians?  Jesus never invited anybody to be a “Christian” -I believe- because of what the term has come to mean today.  This is why some days I f…

Don't Kill Time

Our culture doesn’t really place much of a priority on ‘honor.’

In Japan, when people meet for the first time, it is honoring to bow slightly -not a big deep bow-  but a bow to put yourself just below the other person to show honor. It is also honoring to always bring a gift when visiting another’s home. It doesn't have to be something expensive; it can be something very simple. When the gift is given, the giver always presents it with two hands and the receiver accepts it with two hands as a gesture of honor to one other.  (If only wide receivers could remember this concept with a football, but I digress…)

Imagine a visitor from another country coming here and wondering, “How do I show honor in the United States?"

There’s not much to tell because the general consensus broadcasts that it doesn't really matter.

We have become a people without honor.

In Mark 6 Jesus was returning back to His hometown; not His birthplace, but the place where He grew up. A year prior to this…

Entitlement's Nemesis... Gratitude

There was a consultant who was working with a group of college graduates. He said to the group, “There is one word used to describe the generation currently emerging into the workforce, and that word begins with an "E."

“Do any of you know what this one word is?"

The graduates offered answers.

They chimed in with other words that described their positive attributes, all beginning with the letter “E.”  After some time had passed, the consultant gave in, “The number one most commonly used word to describe this generation as they move into the workforce, is ‘entitled.’"

The millennial generation is also known as the "entitled generation." Many in this age category feel like they are ‘owed’ and they deserve more.

But, before you simply agree with me and say, “yeah, those dang kids!” we must first realize we are responsible for this generation. We’ve created the monster by our actions and our attitudes.  You may be wo…

Authentic Integrity

I was at a QT convenience store this week buying some water. The cashier rang up the sale, I paid her, and she mistakenly gave me more change back than she was supposed to. I didn't realize it at the time. I went out to my truck, I looked at the money she gave back to me, and there was a lot more than she should have given me. My first thought was, "Wow! God is so cool!" But immediately I thought "No! You have got to go back and return the money!"

So, I walked back in and  said, "Ma'am, you gave me more change than I was due."

She said, "Oh my gosh! I can't believe you brought the money back! I can't believe it! Thank you so much, this means so much to me, thank you! I can't...." She went on and on and on!

I responded, "It's not that big of a deal!"

It's tragic that we live in a world that is more shocked by integrity than they are by the LACK of integrity.

What is integrity? It is when your behavior matche…