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Bon Voyage!

If you thought something was wrong with your email because you didn’t receive this particular devotional for the last two weeks, and you have even checked my blog to see if you were somehow inadvertently removed from the mailing list, I’ve been on vacation. No, seriously I took some time off.  If you know me, just hearing I actually took time off surprises you more than the weekly devotional not being in your inbox.

I went on a cruise for 5 days. This was my second cruise. After my experience with the first, I said I would never go again.  But enough time passed for me to forget about some of the details of my first experience, and I booked a second cruise. This time, the cruise would not be just for me and my wife, but for the whole family.  If you are asking yourself why I went on a second cruise after having a bad experience, I can’t explain it. If time really didn’t heal pain and hurt, your wife would never have sex with you again after giving birth to your first child.

Now that …

Breaking Bread

I read a story that took place in 2001.  It was about a house located in Chicago.  The home was in disrepair; there were weeds everywhere.  It had obviously been abandoned.  The residence found its way onto the auction block due to back taxes.  The house was purchased, and, as the new owner sent a crew to clean it up, they discovered something horrific.  Inside the run-down home was a man who had been sitting in his reading chair, apparently dead of natural causes.  Crumpled next to him was a newspaper imprinted with the year 1997.  The man had been dead a long time, four years.  Nobody noticed; not a neighbor or relative, or even a friend.  How could no one have noticed?

A Pharisee asked Jesus what was the most important commandment of all.  For Pharisees, there were 1,613 commands.  Jesus narrowed down the 1,613 to an absolute focus, and replied:

“The most important is this, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’  This is the f…

Go Fish

The game warden had a neighbor, who was on vacation and his neighbor went fishing every day.  The warden watched as each day passed and the neighbor came home always having his limit of fish and “then some.” After several days the warden asked how he was catching so many fish each day? His neighbor said “come with me tomorrow and I’ll show you.

The next day was calm and the lake was isolated enough that they were the only fishermen there. The warden baited his hook, threw it into the water and watched the bobber bob on the waves. Suddenly there was an explosion just a couple feet off the portside of the boat. In a few moments fish were floating to the surface and his neighbor was frantically scooping them in with a net.

He was about to ask his neighbor what happened, when he saw him light a piece of dynamite and throw it into the water… followed by another explosion.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the warden shouted.

“Fishing” the guy replied.

“But you can’t do that… that’s illeg…